Business Strategy

Phase 0

You want to develop new business models for your company? You want to add value for your customers in different ways? Makes sense! To find new opportunities, join the Redsalt Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program.

Before you join, it is crucial to have an insight into your business strategy. Where do you see opportunities, threats, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

Internet of Things can add value to your business model in many ways. It can even change your complete business model. In the sessions “Business Strategy” we take a number of steps to exploit all these possibilities and value drivers.

Internet of Things (IoT) Bootcamp

Phase 1

During the IoT Bootcamp we will to apply Internet of Things to your business model. The IoT Bootcamp takes 1 day. The Bootcamp takes place in an inspiring and innovative environment. Goal of the Bootcamp is to deliver several IoT use cases and IoT business cases for your business model.


The IoT Bootcamp consists of 3 parts: Setting the Scene, Making it Real, Making it Matter


In the first part, Setting the Scene, we will explore  the Internet of Things in more depth:

  • What exactly is the Internet of Things?
  • Which are the standard components of an Internet of Things solution?
  • What is the future perspective?
  • We will also discuss many different use cases and business cases

The second part, Making it Real, we will look at some IoT solutions and explore the different components in practise.

The third part is Making it Matter. We will combine the newly acquired knowledge of IoT with your business model and the outcomes of phase 0 – Business Strategy. Goal of these brainstorm sessions is to come up with several IoT use cases and IoT business cases. These cases be realised in the next phase.

Proof of Concept | from idea to reality

Phase 2

In Phase 2a you will realise a technical Proof of Concept from your IoT use case. In phase 2b we will gather and analyse data to see if we can confirm the IoT business case.

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