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Internet of Things wordt Internet of Everything


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The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is described in many different ways. The most simple way is the following ”IoT describes a world where just about anything can be connected and communicate in an intelligent fashion".

The Internet of Things will have a huge impact on many different branches. As a company you want to grasp the opportunity of the Internet of Things and take advantage of it. Which can be a challenge.

Do you want to find out the benefits of Internet of Things for your company? And use the Internet of Things in the most clever way? Then join our Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program. Our Program gives your company insight into the opportunities and possibilities of your own business model.

For an extensive analyses of the future potential of the Internet of Things we would like to refer to the article of Michael Porter which was published in the Harvard Business Review. Read Article



Every Internet of Things solution consists of a number of standard components. These are the following:

  • Sensors
  • Gateway
  • Connectivity
  • IoT platform
  • Application
  • User access

Every IoT solution can be broken down into these basic components. This gives you insight into the necessities of a complete IoT architecture.


Redsalt presenteert het Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program.
Dit programma bestaat uit de volgende stappen:


Business Strategy

Phase 0

You want to develop new business models for your company? You want to add value for your customers in different ways? Makes sense! To find new opportunities, join the Redsalt Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program.

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Before you join, it is crucial to have an insight into your business strategy. Where do you see opportunities, threats, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

Internet of Things can add value to your business model in many ways. It can even change your complete business model. In the sessions “Business Strategy” we take a number of steps to exploit all these possibilities and value drivers.



Internet of Things (IoT) Bootcamp

Phase 1

During the IoT Bootcamp we will to apply Internet of Things to your business model. The IoT Bootcamp takes 1 day. The Bootcamp takes place in an inspiring and innovative environment. Goal of the Bootcamp is to deliver several IoT use cases and IoT business cases for your business model.

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The IoT Bootcamp consists of 3 parts: Setting the Scene, Making it Real, Making it Matter


In the first part, Setting the Scene, we will explore  the Internet of Things in more depth:

  • What exactly is the Internet of Things?
  • Which are the standard components of an Internet of Things solution?
  • What is the future perspective?
  • We will also discuss many different use cases and business cases

The second part, Making it Real, we will look at some IoT solutions and explore the different components in practise.

The third part is Making it Matter. We will combine the newly acquired knowledge of IoT with your business model and the outcomes of phase 0 – Business Strategy. Goal of these brainstorm sessions is to come up with several IoT use cases and IoT business cases. These cases be realised in the next phase.



Proof of Concept | van idee naar haalbaarheid

Phase 2

In Phase 2a you will realise a technical Proof of Concept from your IoT use case. In phase 2b we will gather and analyse data to see if we can confirm the IoT business case.


Proof of Solution | From reality to production ready

Phase 3

Phase 3 – Proof of Solution will start when phase 2 has a succesful outcome. In phase 3 the technical Proof of Concept will be turned into a solution that is production ready. Next to that everything that is necessary for building, operating and maintaining the IoT solution will be worked out. For example all contracts, licenses etc.


Build and Implemenation

Phase 4

In this phase you will build and implement the IoT solution.


Operation and maintenance

Phase 5

In this phase you will operate and maintain the IoT solution.


Join our Internet of Things Bootcamp. In this way you will ensure that your business model will remain successful in the future.


Melvyn Verzaal - KPN

"More and more customers demand customized products and services that fit their own unique requirements and more and more they want it fast. This requires flexible delivery capacity. For this reason I am impressed with the speed and innovation power with which Redsalt has transformed an idea, born out of co-creation, into a working Proof of Concept. KPN and Redsalt supplement each other perfectly in this respect"

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The smart cleaning cart gives advice about a healthy working environment

The idea of a smart cleaning cart is the result of a joint IoT Bootcamp of the IoT Academy, KPN, Vebego and Redsalt. Vebego's main activity is providing cleaning services. The challenge was to come up with additional services for Vebego to offer to its customers. With this Internet of Things solution, Vebego can now measure all kinds of values in the environment.

The cleaning carts are moving through the whole building during cleaning anyway, so they might as well carry out all kinds of measurements. The carts produce data like humidity, CO2 levels, temperature and dust levels. Those data give Vebego the opportunity to counsel its customer show to improve the conditions in the working environment. A great way to deliver extra value to your customer!

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Redsalt is system integrator of Internet of Things solutions. We are an official system integrator of the IoT platform ThingWorx. Redsalt has many years of experience in the field of software development, testing and maintenance for embedded systems as well as applications. For its services Redsalt uses development centre in Poland and Slovakia.


Jan Willem Deutekom and Barend Smet founded Redsalt in 2007. After a successful career with a multinational, they decided to start their own business. With 2 laptops, one printer and a head full of ideas they managed to expand Redsalt into a successful, international IT company. Jan Willem: “Redsalt combines the best of both worlds – the quality of a multinational and the flexibility and leanness of a SME”.


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